EBP Engineering Services Pte Ltd
Gas generators / Valves / Filters / Absorbents

a) Gas generators
- hand held electrochemical generation of calibration gas
- cheaper and safer alternative to bottled gas
- no degradation on-shelf,
no corrosive stored gas
- adjustable flow rate and output from a single
  generating cell
- NIST certified

b) Valves
I) Thermal shut-off valves
- protect downstream components from over
  temperature sample
- fully mechanical with
visual trip indication
- optional contact for remote alarm

II) Double block & bleed valves
- modular compact pneumatically operated stream
  selection valves
- built in pneumatic actuators
- low internal volume,
no fugitive emission
III) Temperature control valves
- self contained valve maintain sample / enclosure temp by
  modulating flow
- reliable, low cost, unaffected by pressure
- uses no air or electricity (eliminate explosion hazard)

c) Filters / Absorbents
- most technically advanced and efficient products for   immobilizing oil
- remove hydrocarbon, PCBs, organically bound metals

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