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Sampling / Samplers
Sample Conditioning Products
a) Coolers / heat exchangers
- highest efficiency, can be disassembled for cleaning
- stainless steel, inconel or other exotic materials
- computerised recommendation with print-out

b) Variable pressure reducers
- variable capillary design, cleanable in place
  no erosion in normal service

c) Back pressure regulator / relief valves
- most effective way to assure constant flow through
  on stream analyser
- fail safe relief valves
d) Thermoelectric / Vortex gas chillers
- air / water cooled
- high temp and water slip alarm

a) Low emission samplers
- safer sampling & superior samples
- closed loop samplers
- fixed volume samplers
- back-purge tank samplers

b) Top reactor samplers
- draw contemporary samples from reactors and tanks
  requiring sample lift
- wetted parts made of corrosion resistant materials
c) Corrosion product samplers
- locate source, quantify rate and identify cause of   corrosion
- measure effectiveness of chemical treatment
d) Sequencers
- perform sample stream switching
- track & hold capability
e) Heated sample probes
- heated sample filter minimize cooling
- various materials and filter elements

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